Mohammed Jasam

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About this Jedi

I'm a huge STAR WARS fan, I've been dreaming of becoming the apprentice of Lord Vader ever since. ;)
Apart from that, I solve problems using my superpowers known to humans as coding skills! I'm an open source developer, so github is my social network. I try to develop cool apps, which make some impact on the society. I generally work in teams as they help me think out of the box!
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I solve logical problems on kattis, which is an online judge. This gives me a platform to apply my computer science knowledge to solve real world problems!

Defence Research and Development Organisation

Research Intern

During my time in D.R.D.O. as an intern I have worked on a project named "Ensuring Distributed Accountability for Data Sharing in Cloud". I have researched Data Availability in Cloud and have implemented the concept by developing an Android Application. I collaborated with a team to work on the project using Amazon Web Services.


Microsoft Student Partner

Being the President of the MSPs at the college, I collaborated with other MSPs and conducted seminars and promoted a competitive programming atmosphere in the college. Attended many Hackathons conducted by Microsoft and worked in team with people from various backgrounds and skills to develop applications within a limited time frame.


Missouri University of Science and Technology

Aug 2016 - May 2018

Master of Science in Computer Science

Learning new stuff everyday!

Anurag Group of Institutions

Sept 2012 - May 2016

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science

Had great fun!


Cognitive Recommender

Combined the power of AI with Recommender Systems!

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FeelShot is an advanced mental health journal application that helps patients better communicate their daily feelings to their mental health clinicians. With a variety of analysis tests, such as facial expression recognition, tone, and sentiment analysis, patients are given an array of daily mental health "scores" that are recorded for a clinician to review at the patient's next appointment.

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I'm going to start my blog soon, stay tuned! :)

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